Cake festival.

Bake sales are easy to organize and it’s really fun to do. For that you need small amount of people who is passionate about cake making. You will have a successful bake sale of your own.
Most of the cake festivals are for raising money. Make sure that you and your customers understand who and for what you are raising money for. Try posters or some other advertising options.
Keep ajar for donations and tips. Give people the opportunity to donate without buying if u are planning to give the money for some cause. So that the people can get opportunity to support the organization if they don’t eat sweet or bake items due to some health issues. You need to make sure about your charity plans
Get your friends and family members to help. The kids will get the opportunity to help for the charity if you are planning to organize the cake festival for some schools. Give every child appropriate responsibilities. Give them a clear picture of your plans for the cake festival. make one person in charge of organizing the volunteer bakers, one person for the venue and the equipment needed, finally one person in charge of charge of the conducting the event..
Instead be in a high traffic area. Have your bake sale at a well-known public spot or in a school or college. If you are choosing a school or college then ask the children who is in charge of the administration of the school. At schools, plays, concerts, open houses, parent nights are excellent bake sale opportunities.
Make sure that the place that u choose is legal to hold and must get permission from the appropriate authorities
Once you have decided the spot next is to arrange the whole site for a cake festival. For that u will need the following items.
• Tables.
• A pop-up pavilion to protect from rain or sun.
• Tablecloths.
• A cooler and ice to keep items like drinks cold
• Garbage bags for cleanup.
• chairs
• Crock pots to keep liquid items warm
• A cash box where you can keep your money safely
Ask the people who all are participating in the cake festival to package their things in sale-size quantities, instead of two to three cookies to a package or one cupcake or larger item. Give instructions to label the packaging for the understanding of people. Because many people (especially children) have food allergies and sensitivities. Also label foods which may be a good option for certain people, such as gluten-free brownies, kosher treats, vegan cookies, or nut-free items. Get some drinks as well.

With nothing more than small team of people, a dedication to a good cause, and some planning and baking, you can have a successful bake sale of your own.

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