How to Promote your Celebrant Business?

An entry into the event management industry is challenging and downright frustrating at times. If you are stepping in the event industry for the first time, it can be a huge task to get your name established. To share a space among the veterans or to gain popularity in this field, a good business plan with a refined marketing strategy is really necessary. The below tips may help you promote your new business:

Promote your business

Tips to Promote your Event Business

Web Presence

If your business doesn’t have a presence online, think of one and work on it straight away! Gone are the days of yellow pages and phone directories. Most clients won’t even consider a company if they don’t have a website. Nowadays it’s all about online marketing, price quotes, web galleries and packages. Make sure that your website is well designed and up to date. Consult with a web development company if you need help designing your site. Have a banner or include an image gallery on your website with events that you coordinated in the past. This helps the potential clients to view what all services you offer. Think about writing a blog on your site so that interested customers can see what events you have coming up and what is currently going on with your company.

Shows or Expos

Bridal shows or Bridal Expos is an innovative concept to promote and showcase your expertise in event management. Organizing a get-together for newly married for whom you managed the events recently, involving friends and relatives is a good idea. Arranging a fashion show for the honeymoon couples to walk the ramp in beautiful bridal gowns, unique bridesmaids’ dresses and formal wears will be interesting and exciting to watch as well as gain opportunity for you to pool potential clients from among the gathering. Arranging a live bridal stage gallery for the crowd and offering business cards and flyers to your future clients will increase the chance of business.

Magazines and Publications

Placing an ad in a magazine or on an event or venue directory website is a great way of inviting new clients. Start networking and making connections with event publications and venue search engines and see if they would be interested in writing or displaying a note about your company. In the event industry, it is all about promotion. Promoting your company in a magazine or online will help draw in potential clients. Write up a press release or blog and post it online so that let people know about your company and what you do.

Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of a referral system. A guest at one of your events may be your next client, so always treat each event as a showcase for your business. Let it be your first client or your 100th, always make sure that you maintain high standards throughout their event to make it grant. The basic customer rule – “The better the satisfaction the higher the business”!!!

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