Organizing a Kids Party.

Pick a theme with your child. Having a theme will help you know what decorations to buy, what food to prepare, and what games to plan. Character parties are popular. Allow them to have a creative freedom. Sit down with your child at the table with a pen and paper and write down all the ideas you both like. Go with your child to a couple of party stores to buy the things or go online to stores like party city
Get invitations. On the invitation, put the start and end times, address, what each child should bring. And if there will be a meal so parents can plan accordingly. As for guests, (kids) have a rule such as not being rude etc. Figure out the themed and. And if parents can come along, that’s great! It’s best to have a couple others to help with monitoring and clean up. Have your invitations in the theme of your party.
Give them to the teacher to put in the take home folder or have your child put them in desks or lockers. Buy decorations. For everything from table cloths, balloons etc.., a party store or any local store to find those decorations or else you’ll end up bouncing around town for days looking to piece it all together

Conduct a scavenger hunt with theme-related clues and a final prize. Don’t be afraid to go super simple. Nowadays, kids aren’t playing the old school games they could be. Kids will likely want to do their own thing at one point or another.
Plan the party food. Make the food theme
Plan the party food. When it comes to parties, cake is a must: Cupcakes are easy and super trendy as well. Make the food theme oriented.

Despite what logic dictates, cake isn’t enough. You’ll need food too. Make it easy on yourself and get some pizzas delivered or get a fast food restaurant or catering company to take care of everything. Finger sandwiches and lunch bags with sandwiches and fruit or cookies are great choices, If it’s a nice day outside and you have a grill, kids love hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget the buns, mustard, and ketchup! If there will be other parents or adults attending and watching over the kids, have food for them, too. They may not be so keen on chicken nuggets and Sprite. Plan the party drinks. Soda pop, lemonade, and juice are all pretty standard. And if you’ll be outside a lot, a cooler filled with bottles of water or cans of soda will surely be appreciated, especially if it’s hot outside. And, of course, milk goes great with cake. If its autumn or winter, have the kids play outside and come in for cider to warm them up. Have glasses that are safe for the kids to use. Things may get broken — so don’t break out your fine china. Be prepared for a mess.

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