Organizing an Exhibition.

Choose where you are planning to host your exhibition carefully. This space not only determines how many guests can attend, but also how many other exhibitors can provide content for your event. You need to allocate a good proportion of your budget to getting the word out about the exhibition. It’s important to bear in mind the difference in approach when marketing to the attendees and the exhibitors. The internal decoration will have a big impact on how your guests perceive the event. Furniture, images, and screens are a good way to arrange a good visual experience. You may want to include food during the event, which will incur extra upfront costs.
Make sure you have enough time and people with knowledge and experience to take care of the project. . Couriers have been known to take their object home if they find the gallery is still being built or the display case is not ready. You must match your exhibition to your budget. Know exactly what the budget is and stick to it. You can always expand if more money comes in. Money is not the most important thing.
Set up good systems for logging objects. And keep track of everything.. Keep records. Every exhibition calls for teamwork. Have one team leader and regular team meetings.
Everyone in the team knows what is happening inside the team. and their role is clear. Have someone in charge of the schedule who makes sure everything is on time. Activities can be plotted on the chart to make sure programmed is on time.
Make sure the exhibition looks as good on the last day as at the opening. Peeling labels, dirty marks or broken interactive give a poor message and also reduce visitor enjoyment. And when the exhibition closes, make sure all the hard work leaves something behind. A website, catalogue, workshop, app or partnerships can all continue to provide benefits long after the items have gone home.
The success of an exhibition doesn’t depend on size, money or visitor figures. Any exhibition can be a success with careful planning and good organization.


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