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Throwing a House Party!

A house party should be the ultimate social gathering. Unlike a club or lounge, you are in control. The music, guest list, hours of indulgent fun—and the details are all in your hands. But with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don’t handle things the right way, your next invitations will get deleted before it’s even read.…

Roles, Responsibilities and Qualities of an Event Manager

The Event Manager is the foundation of the occasion. He is the individual in charge of the exploration, outline, arranging, co-appointment, and assessment of the occasions. An Event Manager ought to have the capacity to recognize an issue, perceive that it must be illuminated without even a second’s pause, and dependably think on how the circumstance could be maintained a strategic distance from in future.…

Is news about Ebola virus spread in India ‘a Hoax’?

‘Ebola reached Karnataka unfortunately!! Infected poor Sreejith-M.Tech, NIT suratkal, expired today. Please take precautions against this Virus and spread the awareness!! Friends plz eat tulsi leaves to safeguard yourself from this virus ebola becz this virus directly effects the human immune system. Tulsi leaves are good for the human immune system so this is a precaution to save u from the ebola virus… Ebola virus Spreaded in mumbai toooo Use hot water and salt to take your bath in the morning, do the same when you want to drink water(hot and salt) .

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