Planning a Wedding.

Planning what could be the happiest day of your life requires creative input from both partners and any family members and friends you’ve decided to include in the planning, and also rigorous preparations to make sure the day goes smoothly. Wedding planning can be a wonderful part of life but it can also be very challenging and stressful. Indeed, you can be assured that some plans won’t go as you’d like them to, so plan for that eventuality too! The key is to stay organized, to stick to a budget and to give you plenty of time to achieve everything.
It’s important to stick to a budget and to keep your wishes realistic. Aim to never exceed the amount specified as the total of your budget.  Be prepared to be flexible and to prioritize the big spends that really matter.

•    Develop a sensible, reasonable timeline depending on how much time you’ve given yourselves. You will find such timelines in wedding guide books, magazines, and online. A dream wedding for one may not be right for the other. You’ll need to know how many people are going to attend for the purposes of venues, catering and invitations. Research into venues for the wedding and reception usually starts around the 12 months-to-go mark, with bookings occurring within the month once you’ve made up your mind.
•    Once the venue and guest lists are confirmed, let everyone know what’s coming up. Send emails if you know people will read them, otherwise, send cards to their postal addresses. Do expect some cancellations and possibly some last-minute additions due  to  personal  things.
•    Consider using a professional for this special occasion, and make sure that this person is reliable so that you don’t have to worry about him or her forgetting your wedding or stuffing up the photos or filming. Ask friends and family members opinion. Arrange band or a DJ. Professional musicians will keep the flow of the event.
•    Try to find a happy medium between what would please your guests and what you can afford.
•    Go for something that most people like. Plan about food well in advance before the wedding.
•    If you have multiple venues, plan how you will travel from the ceremony location to the reception location.
•    You may need to reserve a block of rooms for guests that will be attending your wedding from interstate or overseas.

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