Throwing a House Party!

A house party should be the ultimate social gathering. Unlike a club or lounge, you are in control. The music, guest list, hours of indulgent fun—and the details are all in your hands. But with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don’t handle things the right way, your next invitations will get deleted before it’s even read. To keep a steady flow of people at your party and have most of your guests there at a particular time.

People go to parties expecting to be fed and fed well. There is always a picky eater in the group. You won’t have the time, energy, or patience to listen to them whine, so do your best to keep food and drink in their mouths, so you won’t hear any of their complaints.
Be a good host and make introductions so that you don’t find yourself babysitting your socially awkward friends for the entire duration of your party.  It’s a house event, not a cocktail reception; give your guests something to do besides smiling, nodding, and kicking themselves for not going to the club.
Make sure your guests don’t get things twisted. You told them you were having a house party and not a slumber party, right? You don’t have to physically shove them out of the door; be subtle about it. But when it’s time to say goodnight, grab a big black garbage bag and start cleaning up.

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