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Photography Exhibition

You need to take a look at your portfolio and figure out which photographs are going to sell yourself the best before you think about exhibiting your work, First of all you need to remember that merely displaying photographs is not the key.
You need to decide whether you’re going to use old photographs, or new photos solely for the purpose of exhibiting them.…

Cake festival.

Bake sales are easy to organize and it’s really fun to do. For that you need small amount of people who is passionate about cake making. You will have a successful bake sale of your own.
Most of the cake festivals are for raising money. Make sure that you and your customers understand who and for what you are raising money for.…

Organizing an Exhibition.

Choose where you are planning to host your exhibition carefully. This space not only determines how many guests can attend, but also how many other exhibitors can provide content for your event. You need to allocate a good proportion of your budget to getting the word out about the exhibition. It’s important to bear in mind the difference in approach when marketing to the attendees and the exhibitors.…

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